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Retail Therapy: Services

The Services post type is great for showcasing any single structure of related content. Services are displayed using the Services page template, which is a full-width template that lists each service using the layout selected in the page editor. Single services are displayed with a unique sidebar that provides a table of contents to all other services posts in the same category. View your theme’s demo for an example of this layout.


Service excerpts can also be displayed on your Home Page or any Widgetized Page by using the Content Widget.

Add Services

  1. Click on ServicesAdd New
  2. Enter the service name in the Title field
  3. Enter the service information in the post editor. You can use any available WordPress formatting, Obox Styles or insert images here.
  4. Scroll down to the Services Options panel below the post editor to check for the Icon field. Click Browse to upload any image file to serve as your icon. For best results, stick to images that are less than 64px by 64px.
  5. If desired, upload an Image to serve as the Featured Image. This image will display in the main services column layout page and in the widget where enabled.
  6. Enter an excerpt in the Excerpt box below the Options panel. If you do not see this anywhere, click Screen Options in the upper-left and check the Excerpt option. Excerpts are introductions to the service, taglines or a short description of the full article.
  7. Enter a number into the Order field to specify which position this service should appear in with 1 being first/on top. You may optionally leave all at 0 and WordPress will decide how to order the posts. Order may also be entered from the main Services post list in your admin area by clicking Quick Edit on the post.
  8. Select a Category
    • Categories allow for filtering of Services posts in widgets and page templates.
    • Services posts only show links to other posts in its same category in the sidebar. This helps you segregate groups of services, if desired.
  9. Click Publish

Setup the Services Page

  1. Go to Pages Add New
  2. Add a Title
  3. Select the Services template from the Page Template drop-down on the right side and click Publish or Save Draft
  4. Select the Services Category in the page options panel if you want to display a specific category
    • You need at least two top-level categories to enable filtering of services, otherwise leave All selected
  5. Click the thumbnail for the desired layout of your page in the Page Options panel services layout
  6. Click Publish/Update
Services may be displayed on the Widget-Driven Home Layout or any Widgetized page using the Content Widget. This displays posts in a column layout. Details on widget setup and options are outlined in the Configure Your Widgets article.