In our “Dynapack” themes such as Dynamo, Flatpack, Retail Therapy, Capital, etc, the Features and Services single post design utilizes a static sidebar that allows visitors to easily navigate between Features/Services without having to return to the main index page. This is an important part of user-experience design which we spend countless hours testing and developing.


The Solution

In some cases where you have modified the use of these post types for a different purpose, you may need to hide this sidebar or need the posts to be full-width. The following explains a CSS-only approach the saves you from having to modify the template code.

Full-Width Posts

Enter your custom styles into the Custom CSS box found under Theme Options, or your child theme stylesheet. Do not modify the theme’s original style.css

The following hides the sidebar on Features posts:

.features-content #right-sidebar{display: none;}

the following hides the sidebar on Services posts:

.single-services #right-column{display: none;}

Now you must expand the left column:

.features-content #left-column{width: 100%;}


.single-services #left-column{width: 100%;}


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