This issue occurs on “Dynapack” themes which include the full-width parallax slider set to show Slider posts. The slider will cycle through once normally, but will then seem to show a blank slide or pause for a few seconds before starting over and when it does, a slide will be skipped.

The Solution

This is caused by your slide having fully formatted content in it that conflicts in some way with the slider script. This includes Woo Shortcodes or Obox Styles.

The slider is designed to display text and call-to-=action buttons only. To fix the issue:

  1. Ensure your slides are in a category.
  2. Ensure all slides being shown in the slider contain only text in the content area of the post. You may use standard formatting such as numbers or bullets, but avoid using shortcodes or any other plugin action that pulls a script into the slider.
  3. Don’t click the manual navigation arrows on the slider if you have auto-slide set.
  4. If you need to style a specific slide differently from the others beyond what the slider options allow, you must use Custom CSS.



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