The Problem

This document only relates to the themes listed under the title above!

The Solution

Please note that changing the dimensions of elements only ever effects the desktop view. We do not recommend changing the slider in responsive modes as it is already optimized for the viewport on standard smartphones and tablets.

Background images used in the slider should never contain text or elements that need to be responsive (use the featured image for those element types). See the following for more information:  Slider or Header Background Images are not Responsive

  1. Click on Theme Options and locate the Custom Styling section
  2. Enter the following into the Custom CSS box:
    .slider li{height: 400px;}
  3. Adjust the number to your desired height

This will affect all other elements within the slider layouts, so be mindful of how much content you are placing in the slides, and the height of any featured images.

If you made the slider taller, you may also need to adjust the height in the mobile views using CSS media queries.

Refer to How to Customize the Mobile View in Responsive Themes

You would use the same set of styles as above, but adjust the height to make sense for a mobile screen (no taller than 480px)