Have you seen Elementor?

Our flagship product, Layers has been acquired by the team at Elementor.

With a powerful, fast page builder, Elementor is the best way to get your site online with as little effort as possible.

Picks: Setup Your Widgets

Now that you’ve added your content and configured the theme,  you will be able to setup your Home page and move on to customizing the theme. Get started by going to Appearance → Widgets.

On the right you will see a number of panels that you can expand:

  • Home Page
  • Sidebar
  • Footer

Each widget area specific to your theme has been color coded to make setup easy. Simply drag the widgets you need into the corresponding panels. At the top of the page you will find a yellow ribbon containing a handy “Click Here” link, which will display the recommended widget setup in case you get lost.

Below is an explanation of each widget and how to configure it.

Home Page Panel

This panel accomodates any full-width or orange Obox widgets.

Content Widget

This incredibly versatile widget displays Posts, Albums and Pages

  1. Select an Image Layout.
    • Thumbnails will display up to 5 images from the gallery category chosen from each of the albums in that category.
    • Large will use a full-width blog-style layout.
  2. Select what you want to display, Posts or  Albums.
  3. Select a filter, either Categories or Tags, then select the Category or Tag you want to show
  4. Check the number of posts to display.
    • The number you choose here determines the size of the thumbnails if Thumbnails is selected.
  5. Check Show Dates to display the date above the post.
  6. Check Show Excerpts if you want your post excerpt to appear. You must enter a Content Length into the following field if enabling this option. For best results, choose a length between 30-160.
  7.   Click Save


Sidebar & Footer

You are free to put any widgets you wish into the footer area, or leave it blank. Footer widgets are visible on all pages. Experiment to find a layout that suits your website.

The purple sidebar widgets are single-column widgets that can be used on the Blog Sidebar or Footer.

The following widgets are specifically designed for use in the theme’s Footer panel:

Author Widget

This widget is designed to display information about you, the author. Use this widget to introduce yourself to your site visitors. Add a title, enter your ‘Gravatar Account’ email address and a description of yourself.

  1. Enter a Title. This is displayed above your gravatar and description.
  2. Enter your Gravatar Email address. This will show your ‘avatar’ on your website.
  3. Enter a description about yourself.
  4. Click Save

(Obox) Twitter

Display a simple feed of your latest Tweets.

  1. Enter a title such as “Follow Me on Twitter”. This title will link to your profile.
  2. Enter your Twitter ID without the @
  3. Select the number of Tweets to show.
  4. Select whether to display Replies/ Retweets
  5. Click Save

(Obox) Comments

Display the latest comments with a short excerpt and link to the post. This differs from the default WordPress widget in how it displays the information.

(Obox) Popular Posts

Display a list of links to your most popular posts based on the number of comments they have received. This widget draws from regular Posts only (but will see Video and Audio postformats).

(Obox) Social Links

Displays icons linking to your social profiles. Enter the full URLs to your social profiles here.  For the email field, enter your email address. For RSS, enter your RSS Feed Url or Feedburner URL.

(Obox) Search

Provides a styled search field.

(Obox) 125 x 125 Adverts

Displays any small adverts added using the Advert Manager

(Obox) Large Adverts

Displays any large adverts added using the Advert Manager

(Obox) Flickr Photos

Displays small thumbnails from your Flickr feed