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Obox Instant FAQ

Can I move an existing site setup with an Obox Theme to Obox Instant?

Technically yes. You will need to go through the standard Obox Instant sign-up using whichever theme you want, select the Existing Domain option, then transfer your existing files, database and content to your Obox Instant account just like any other hosting move.

See the following for details on moving WordPress from one host to another:

How to Move a WordPress Install From One Host to Another

We are not able to perform this transfer for you, and your Instant Site cannot be setup automatically using pre-existing content or configurations.

Can I Install my Existing Obox themes on an Obox Instant Account?

Yes, but the only theme that will be setup automatically is the one you choose during signup. See the following for details:

Obox Instant: How to Add Additional Sites or Themes

Can I Install Non-Obox Themes on My Obox Instant Account?

Yes! See the following for details:

Obox Instant: Theme Install & Support

Which plugins can I Install?

Any plugin that is actively developed, supported and compatible with your theme, and which does not compromise the server or host resources (which is just about any plugin!). See the following for details:

Obox Instant: Plugin Install and Support

Is my site data backed up?

Yes! Obox Instant sites are backed up nightly, including your entire site contents and database. Backups can be accessed from your hosting control panel.

Do I have full FTP access to my site?

Yes! See the following for how to access your credentials:

Obox Instant: How to Setup FTP Access

Are there any restrictions to what kind of site I can host with Obox Instant?

You are bound to RSAWeb’s terms of use.

These terms cover very standard things such as:

  • No hate-related, fraudulent or infringing sites
  • File hosting restrictions on your traffic for any file exceeding 250KB (be careful with file or video hosting)
  • No High volume mailing list applications
  • No high volume chat applications
  • No banner exchanges/ad networks
  • No torrent hosting or illegal file-sharing

Server Resource Usage exceeding the following:

  • Any process that requires more than 8Mb of memory space.
  • Any program/script that requires more than 30 CPU seconds.
  • Sending out mail to more than 20 addresses in one batch, whether sequentially or in parallel, not exceeding 100 recipients.
  • Send or receive, through mail, any file larger than 1MB. We recommend setting up a forward-only address that redirects your Obox Instant domain email to a gmail account or similar.

Can I change the domain name on an existing Obox Instant Account?

Yes! See the following:

Obox Instant: How to Manage Your Domains

Can I Add more than one domain or site to my Obox Instant account?

Yes! You may add multiple domains or sites to your Obox account, but each one is considered a unique Obox Instant account and is billed separately. Each account will also have a separate set of credentials for host-related administration. All of your Obox Instant sites can be managed in one convenient place under the Dashboard link here on our site.

Can I setup multiple WordPress sites on One Obox Instant account using WPMU or BuddyPress?

It may be technically possible, but you only have one database and domain per Obox Instant install. This will restrict your ability to do domain mapping, and you will not be able to run multiple separate WooCommerce-powered sites without the customer data merging, which is a security and order management  issue. WPMU setups are also not supported by Obox, and reselling accounts or sites may violate RSAWeb’s terms of use.

What kind of support do you provide for Obox Instant?

Obox Instant customers receive premium support for Obox Themes and Plugins installed on the site, as well as hosting support. See the following for details:

Obox Instant Overview

Do you support modified Obox themes or child themes?

Unfortunately not.  Due to the wild variation in unique modifications and custom code, the fact we did not develop or test it, and the time required to properly test or troubleshoot custom code, we cannot provide detailed support for modifications or child themes beyond CSS advice and basic direction. Once you modify the theme, it is considered a derivative and becomes your development responsibility. We do offer tips on child themes and managing modifications here:

How to Modify Your Theme the Right Way

You may also find further development resources and support on the WordPress Codex, as well as several tips and tricks in our Solutions section of this site