Have you seen Elementor?

Our flagship product, Layers has been acquired by the team at Elementor.

With a powerful, fast page builder, Elementor is the best way to get your site online with as little effort as possible.

This theme has been retired and is no longer being actively developed. Don’t worry, it should still work for some time and will continue to receive critical updates for up to one year from your original purchase date. Learn More Here

Obox Instant: How to Add Additional Sites or Themes

Each Obox Instant account is tied to one domain and WordPress install. You may add additional domains and sites by adding additional Obox Instant items to your Obox Account, or you may install additional themes on one Obox Instant account. The difference is explained below:

Additional Sites / Domains

If you would like a second domain+WordPress install setup on Obox Instant, you may add another Obox Instant account to your existing Obox Dashboard. Note that each site has a unique set of access credentials and comes with one free theme.

  1. Login to your Obox Dashboard
  2. Go to http://oboxthemes.com/instant#choose_theme
  3. Choose a Theme
  4. Click on Pricing Options, then click Buy Now on the Obox Instant option
  5. Your existing details should be pre-filled. Add any additional required info and click through the payment
  6. Choose your domain name and click Use Domain, or click “I have an existing domain…” link to add a domain you already own
    • add_domain
  7. Confirm your choice by clicking Yes
  8. Your new site will be added to your Obox Instant page in the Obox Dashboard and will be accessible within 24 hours.

 Additional Themes

If you just want to have access to all of your themes on one Obox Instant account/WordPress install, you may install them using the normal process or via FTP. Refer to the following for details:

Obox Instant: Theme Install & Support

WPMU/Multiple WordPress Installs on one Obox Instant

We do not support the use of the WPMU plugin on Obox Instant to replicate multiple WordPress installs on one database.