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Social Commerce: Social Sliders

The Social Commerce plugin comes with a special post type called Social Sliders. This post type is ideal for creating special promotions or displaying a custom graphic for your Facebook shop’s Homepage.

Add Some Slider Posts

  1. From the WordPress admin panel, click on Social SliderAdd Slide.
  2. Give the slide a Title
  3. Enter the slide’s Link in the Slider options area below the post editor. These links must be to content on the same domain as your shop.
    • For best results, link these to /shop/, a default page on your site outlinging promotion details, a Sale page, or a product category URL.
  4. Click Set Featured Image and upload a slider image. For best results, use images that are 600px wide and at least 300pxtall. Click Use as Featured Image in the lower-right once the upload is complete.
  5. Click Publish.

Slides appear in the order they are entered. You may manipulate the order of slides by changing the published date or time. The most recent date/time will display first.