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Social Commerce: Configure Widgets

The widgets displayed in your Facebook shop’s sidebar directly relate to the  Social Commerce Sidebar panel under  Appearance Widgets in the WordPress Admin area.

Drag your desired widgets into the Social Commerce widget panel. For best results, use basic WordPress widgets designed for sidebars, or WooCommerce widgets only.

Our demo uses the following widgets:

  • WooCommerce Shopping Cart
  • WooCommerce Top Products
  • Text Widget (default WordPress widget)

Some 3rd party plugins or widgets may not be compatible with Facebook and may not appear correctly. This plugin has been tested with Basic WordPress widgets, Obox Widgets and WooCommerce static widgets.

Widgets which use AJAX will not work on Facebook as they refresh your page without passing the correct secure URL syntax. This includes WooCommerce AJAX layered nav (use the basic one that comes with WooCommerce) and the Price Filter slider.