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With a powerful, fast page builder, Elementor is the best way to get your site online with as little effort as possible.

Kiosk: Widgetized Pages

The Widgetized Page template allows you to create internal pages for your site that use the same dynamic widget layout as the home page.

Create a Widgetized Page

  1. Click PagesAdd New
  2. Enter a page Title
  3. Select Widgetized from the Template drop-down under Page Attributes
  4. Click Publish

Setup Your Widgets

Your Widgetized page will create additional widget panel(s) in your Appearance Widgets area, at bottom-right. The panel(s) will have your page’s name followed by the panel title. These areas mimic the Home Page or slider widget areas used for building a Widget-Driven home page. Drag the corresponding widgets into the panels in whichever configuration you choose to build a dynamic page. widgetized