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Handmade: Typography Manager

The Obox Typography manager allows you to set your own custom typography for major text elements such as post titles and post content without having to modify theme stylesheets or templates. Because it is a general tool provided as part of the OCMX framework, please note that it may not cover 100% of all text elements on your site, and does not include 100% of the Google Font library. See the link at the bottom of this article for how to access extended typography control via WP Google Fonts. Go to Theme OptionsTypography. Once the page loads you will be presented with two tabs, Typography and Overview.

Typography Tab

In the typography section you will see a menu of elements on the left and a list of font families on the right.
  1. Select the site element that you would like to edit from that menu.
  2. Click the thumbnail for the font you would like to use for that element.
  3. Set a new font size if desired, or leave the default and click Save Changes
If you don't like your changes then simply press the Reset link to start over. typo-manager

What it Effects (some themes may have additional options):


Affects your main menu only

Post Meta:

Affects the date, author and category shown below the post titles.

Post Titles:

Affects post titles only. Will not affect pages/portfolio

Post Copy:

Changes the content text in posts and pages specifically.

Widget Titles:

Affects widgets in the sidebar only

Overview Tab

On most themes the Overview tab will give you some direction on which elements are affected by your font choices. In older themes this tab is not actively used.

How do I apply my own styling without using the Typography Manager?

If you would like to use your own font styling then we suggest adding your styles using Custom CSS. For basic style changes, check out our KB or Tips & Tricks.