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With a powerful, fast page builder, Elementor is the best way to get your site online with as little effort as possible.

This theme has been retired and is no longer being actively developed. Don’t worry, it should still work for some time and will continue to receive critical updates for up to one year from your original purchase date. Learn More Here

Depth: Configure Your Widgets

To access the Widget page, go to Appearance → Widgets

On the right, you will see a number of panels that you can expand:

  • Home Page
  • Sidebar
  • Footer Panel 1
  • Footer Panel 2

Each widget area specific to your theme has been color coded to make setup easy. Simply drag the widgets you need into the corresponding panels. At the top of the page you will find a yellow ribbon containing a handy “Click Here” link, which will display the recommended widget setup in case you get lost.

Below is an explanation of each widget and how to configure it.

Featured Posts Panel

Drag the blue (Obox) Featured Posts Widget into this panel. Do not put anything else here or it will probably not format correctly. Expand the widget to access the widget options:

  1. Select a  Post Category
  2. Select whether to display Thumbnails or Videos. If you use oEmbed links for your video posts, thumbnails will be generated automatically if you select the Thumbnail option.
  3. Click Save


The sidebar accepts any single-column  Obox widgets (purple) or standard (gray) widgets. Below are details on configuring Obox widgets. For help with default widgets, visit the WordPress Codex. Click Save on each widget where you change settings.

(Obox) Twitter Stream

Display the Twitter timeline. Please note that you cannot customize or change the format of the tweets beyond what the widget offers (this is a Twitter requirement)
  1. Enter a Title such as “Follow Me on Twitter”. This title will link to your profile.
  2. Enter your Twitter ID without the @
  3. Click the link to go to your Twitter Profile widget page
    • Click Create New, then Create Widget.
    • Copy the numeric ID from the address bar URL and paste it below. ie https://twitter.com/settings/widgets/344941445658050562/edit
      • twitter_settings
  4. Select the number of Tweets to show.
  5. Select whether to display Replies/ Retweets
  6. Select a default color scheme. When used in the sidebar or any dark background, choose Dark.
  7. Enter a custom color for the links using an HTML color code (gray by default)
  8. Enter a widget height to adjust the container height if showing more than 3 tweets.
  9. Click Save

(Obox) Popular Posts

This widget displays posts links ranked by the number of comments received in all time.
  1. Enter a Title
  2. Select a Post Count
  3. Select a Post Category
  4. Click Save

(Obox) Social Links

Displays icons linking to your social profiles. Enter the full URLs to your social profiles here. For the email field, enter your email address. For RSS, enter your RSS Feed Url or Feedburner URL.

(Obox) Search

Provides a styled search field.

125x125 Adverts (also called Small Adverts Widget)

Displays 125x125 blocks added under Theme OptionsAdverts

300px Adverts (Also Called Large Adverts Widget)

Displays 300x250 blocks added under Theme OptionsAdverts

(Obox) Flickr Photos

Displays small thumbnails from your Flickr feed

Footer Panel 1 & Footer Panel 2

Each of these panels accepts one standard (gray) or single-column Obox (purple) widget, displayed side-by-side to create a two column footer. For best results, only use one per panel as multiple widgets may not stack well.