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Our flagship product, Layers has been acquired by the team at Elementor.

With a powerful, fast page builder, Elementor is the best way to get your site online with as little effort as possible.

This theme has been retired and is no longer being actively developed. Don’t worry, it should still work for some time and will continue to receive critical updates for up to one year from your original purchase date. Learn More Here

Carousel: Setup Your Home Page

Carousel offers three homepage layouts:

  • Blog Layout
  • Preset Layout
  • Widget Driven Layout

Select a Home layout

  1. Go to  Theme Options → Home Layout
  2. Click a tab for the layout you wish to use
  3. Configure any options available (See below for details)
  4. Click Save
  5. Go to Settings  →Reading and ensure Latest Posts is selected.

Blog Layout

The Blog Layout offers you two simple settings:

Post Count

The amount of posts you want to display per page


Use this if you only want one category to be displayed on the home page.

Preset Layout

This layout is quick, easy and recommended if you are new to WordPress or do not want the customization options of a widget-driven homepage.

Feature Slider
  1. Select the Gallery for the feature slider. We recommend you choose a gallery with less than 10 images, or create a special Featured Image gallery for use with the slider that has less than 10 images. This is purely to increase the load time of your home-page, as the slider will not begin auto-sliding until everything is done loading.
  2. Select the number of slides
  3. Select whether to enable Auto-Sliding of images.
  1. Enter a title for this section
  2. Select a Gallery to feature
  3. Select the number of thumbnails to display
Latest Posts
  1. Enter a Title for this section
  2. Select a Post Category to display. The number of posts displayed is controlled by the number you set under Settings → Reading.
  3. Select the number of post to show
  4. Select whether to display Thumbnails or Videos. If you have both videos AND thumbnails, selecting thumbnails will still show videos if no featured image was set.
  5. Select whether to show videos and images. If set to no, only the title/excerpt will be shown
  6. Select whether to show excerpts.

Click Save when finished and reload your home page to view the changes.

Widget Driven Layout

The aim of widget driven layout is to give you much more control over your home page layout, content and widget options. By using widgets you will be able to determine exactly how much content, and the type of content, that is displayed.

Once active you will need to go to Appearance → Widgets to setup your widgets, which is covered in the next article.