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WordPress to Ghost: Migrating in 5 Steps

The Solution

  1. Download the Plugin
    Ghost has a WordPress plugin which allows you to move your content across easily. The plugin exports all posts, pages, tags, authors and images from your WordPress sites to Ghost.
  2. Read the Preparation Guide
    Once the plugin is activated, you’ll see a small “preparation guide” which will show you what will be exported, and how you can prepare your WordPress content for Ghost.
  3. Export the Ghost File
    When your content is ready to be exported, navigate to Export to Ghost in your Tools in the sidebar menu. The Download Ghost File button will start a download, ready for your content to import to Ghost.
  4. Go to Labs in your Ghost Dashboard
    From there, log into your Ghost admin, navigate to the Labs view
  5. Import your Content
    Choose the Import content option. Select your exported file, click Import and all your content will be imported and integrated to your Ghost site.

For more detailed steps see the Ghost Official Migration Guide.

For a simple comparison between WordPress and Ghost, read our simple comparison.