Excellent customer support is built on the foundation of quick, responsive contact. The Telegram Chat widget offers users one of the best options to get in touch with you directly. With immediate receipt of the message, your support team is able to see and deal with the query as soon as the message is sent.

Having a Telegram Chat widget as a tool is a great way to create a dialogue with your customers, making customer service straight-forward and secure.

Summary of how to add Telegram Chat widget to your WordPress website:

  1. Signup to Elfsight (it’s free!)
  2. Personalize the look and feel to your preference and brand in the editor,
  3. Receive the unique code after editing the chat widget, 
  4. Add the code to your website,
  5. Start chatting to your visitors on Telegram.

The Solution

Telegram has become an increasingly popular option for customer service, boasting features that set it apart from other digital messaging services. Add a Telegram Chat widget to your website is a simple, effective, user-friendly process. With customizable templates, you can also modify and adjust the chat widget and design it so it suits your needs and your brand. 

What is a Telegram Chat widget?

A Telegram Chat widget is a chat box that is directly linked to your Telegram account. It is an interactive box on your website that allows users to you and your customer support immediately. With the widget, the customer can send a message through the chat box on the  website and it will be sent directly to the linked Telegram account.

How to add Telegram Chat to your website

Installing the Telegram Chat widget on your website through Elfight is as easy as a few clicks. Simply follow these steps to embed the widget and start chatting with your customers on Telegram:

  1. Launch the Telegram Chat widget editor on Elfsight to personalize the widget to your preferences.
  2. Adjust and tweak the app characteristics and apply.
  3. Receive the unique code that shows up in the editor popup.
  4. Add the unique code into your homepage and click the “Save“ button. 

Why use the Elfight Telegram Chat widget?

Adding a Telegram Chat widget to your website through Elfsight’s seamless plugin offers the following:

  • Your customer texts you and you get the text right away no matter where you are.
  • You can choose from one of ten ready-made easily customizable templates. With these templates you can:
    • Adjust chat content to the way you prefer, and
    • Personalize your design.
  • You have the option to set up chat parameters that can dictate:
    • The date and time when you’re available,
    • Which pages your chat widget is seen on,
    • Which devices the chat widget can interact with, and
    • Which audiences can see the chat function.
  • You can specify where and when the chat box triggers, such as:
    • The time the user spends on the page,
    • The time the user spends on your site,
    • The scroll position per page, and
    • When the user intends to exit your site.

Why choose telegram chat as a customer service tool?

There are a few key reasons why some customers prefer Telegram to other messaging services, such as:

Telegram’s official components are open-sourced 

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger both are owned by Meta, which some users prefer to avoid as a result of the company’s previous data leaks and privacy issues. Telegram, as a platform with open-sourced components, enjoys decentralized security where data and privacy are prioritized.

Cloud-based conversation

If you move devices, your chat is backed up on Telegram. This lets customers come back to messages and maintain a conversation easily across different devices.

Easy file-sharing

Unlike other messaging services, Telegram has a generous file-sharing capacity and users can send multi-media messages up to 1.5GB in size. This makes it easy to share information and broadcast communication to your customers without worrying about reduced quality.

Usernames are used, not numbers

Telegram makes use of unique usernames, rather than private phone numbers. This means customers who might not be comfortable getting in touch using their number have a secure method of contacting your company. 

Adding the Telegram Chat widget to your website doesn’t need to be complex with any complicated coding involved. Elfsight’s templatized chat widget makes it easy for you to add the communication tool to your website so that you can offer the best customer support to your users.