Beginning with this update, there will no longer be partial updates. Please backup prior to applying new theme versions and ensure all modifications are safely housed within a child theme. Modifications made to core templates such as header.php must be movd into the new version of the files and your child theme updated to avoid merge errors!

General Enhancements:

  • Header icons now use fontawesome. If you had custom CSS modifying the former icon sprites, remove it.
  • Options for instagram, vimeo and more added for header social links.
  • Moved Google Analytics to header to satisfy Google Req’s
  • Reset WordPress title in preparation for 4.5
  • Updated Typography classes to include home page widgets – this means your Page Title and Copy will apply to the Slider and other elements previously missed. Visit Theme Options > Typography to change your settings if needed.
  • Removed OCMX updater
  • Updated FontAwesome
  • Portfolio categories now list themselves in alphabetical order by default
  • Improved styling and performance for portfolio in mobile views
  • Header Cart has been replaced with the new woocommerce_mini_cart() function to support subtotal etc

AddThis has been removed from the theme. To add sharing to your posts, pages or products, you may use any Sharing plugin you like, or to place a sharing widget in the special theme location, grab the code from your preferred site such as or and paste it into the Social Widget Code box in Theme Options.

General Fixes

  • Black labels in Obox Widgets changed to white
  • Moved non-global scripting to run after slider and maps to resolve widget conflicts on some installs
  • Removed hard-coded services sidebar title
  • WooCommerce store notice will now sit at the bottom
  • Fixed deprecated WP tags in contact header

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