Google reviews are one of most important marketing and powerful trust-building tools a business can have present on its website. Having testimonials on your website creates an external validation of a company’s quality, features, and offerings. Adding Google reviews to your website can be as effective as assurance badges from qualified sources.

Having them on your website can be simple. With a simple, plug-and-play widget, you can add reviews to your site easily without coding and developer costs.

Summary of how to add a Google Reviews widget to your site:

  1. Signup to Elfsight (it’s free!)
  2. Customize the look of your reviews in the editor,
  3. Receive a unique installation code for the widget,
  4. Add the code to the admin panel on your website,
  5. Save the changes and enjoy your new Google Review widget.

The Solution

Add a Google review to your website to increase the trust, traffic, and leads your business can experience. Customers believe the opinions of other customers and having the evaluation of past customers enhances your business and marketing efforts without relying on a big budget or campaign strategy.

Why add Google reviews to your website?

Reviews increase customer trust

With information at customers’ fingertips, it’s common to do research before using a service or buying a product. For most businesses, the majority of research is done through other customer reviews rather than press or media releases.

According to a Brightlocal study, 77% of customers will “always” or “regularly” read reviews when browsing for local businesses. Google reviews create trust and it’s an affordable (free!), essential component in any marketing strategy.

Enhance your SEO ranking

Google rewards websites that have review signals like blogs and Google reviews on their pages. Essentially, Google wants to promote people using its services, so it incentivizes using its own review product.

Adding reviews is an important, easy part of any search engine optimization strategy because it encourages your customer to not only trust your business, but also to leave their own review.

How to add a Google reviews widget to your website easily

In Elfight apps:

  1. Sign up to Elfsight,
  2. Create and customize the Google Reviews widget according to your brand and preference,
  3. Choose the layout, style, and font for the widget,
  4. Get an installation code for the customized widget,
  5. Go to the admin panel on your website,
  6. Launch a custom code field on the page you want the Google Reviews widget to be,
  7. Paste the installation code and hit “save”.

From there, the reviews will appear on the page on your website. Any new review that fits in the parameters you choose will be automatically added to your website.

Top tip: Any changes you want to make, you can make directly on Elfsight Apps and they’ll go live automatically without needing to embed the code in the admin panel again.

Why use Elfsight’s widget?

Using a widget is a user-friendly way to add Google reviews to your website without needing to code or use a developer.

Elfight’s Google review widget is a great way for you to add reviews to any page on your website with custom design, filters and sorting which reviews to show, display ratings, and automatic updates so new reviews are added immediately to your site.

The widget creator offers:

Flexible, customizable interface

The tool to create the look and feel of the reviews on your site has 6 variations of layout and five design details so that you can place the best looking widget in the best position on your site. You can customize what is shown such as:

  • The total comments on your business
  • The overall star rating
  • The number of reviews on your page
  • The layout, such as floating badge, carousel, list, and grid
  • The color scheme and fonts
  • The style of the reviews

How to ask a customer to leave a Google Review

Customers are more inclined to leave a review if they are asked to and generally they are also more likely to leave good reviews than negative reviews. You can ask a customer to leave a review easily and through different channels.

Ask your customer for feedback

Asking your customer directly to review your product or service after they use your business keeps your brand in their mind, and also is more likely to result in relevant, honest feedback. This can be done through email, texts, social media, or a call or whichever your direct channel of customer communication is.

Having a review widget on your website

Having a review tool on your website gives a place for your customer to both read and write and leave their own testimonials.

Elfight’s review widget has the option for a “Write a review” button, which makes it easy for customers to comment and rate your business straight through your website.

Make it easy

Point your customers in the right direction to add their review. It will save them time and effort and will likely end up in a more positive review if the guidance is friendly and aligns with your brand.

Having testimonials available for customers to read and add on the website of a business is helpful for a number of reasons, from marketing and trust-building to search engine optimization. Adding a reviews widget to your website can be easy, seamless, and neat with the right widget installer and tool.