Facebook reviews, known as Facebook Recommendations, are a great way to help you build your company’s online reputation through social proof. Putting Facebook reviews on your website helps increase the SEO and direct more traffic, making them a valuable addition to your site. Adding Facebook reviews to your website isn’t complicated either. With the right tool, adding Recommendations to your website is seamless, user-friendly and quick.

Summary of how to add Facebook reviews to your site:

  1. Signup to Elfsight (it’s free!)
  2. Create an account and find the Facebook Reviews widget under the “Reviews” tab under “Widgets”
  3. Customize the look and feel of your reviews in the editor to match your website,
  4. Once you are happy with the format and style of the widget, get your unique installation code for the widget through the editor,
  5. Add the code to the admin panel on your website,
  6. Save the changes and test the widget and adjust if necessary in Elfsight’s editor.

The Solution

Why add Facebook reviews to your website?

Facebook reviews are a powerful tool for building credibility and trust in a brand as well as increasing the visibility and popularity of the website.

Some valuable reasons to add Facebook reviews to your website include:

Adding social proof and building trust easily

Reviews from real customers can offer social proof that your products or services are of high quality and that other customers have had positive experiences with your brand. This can help build trust so that new potential customers are more likely to try out your brand.

Having a good number of reviews with high ratings is also immensely helpful in creating authentic trust.

More information from customers to other customers about your product

Reviews can help potential customers make better, well-informed decisions with comprehensive and candid information about the products or services offered. This increases the website’s credibility by showcasing that your brand is transparent and willing to offer accurate and honest information to customers.

Reviews help search engine optimization

Having a volume of positive reviews can also help to increase the visibility of a website on search engines because they are likely to use keywords to rank your website. This can help to bring more traffic to the website and increase its credibility by demonstrating that it is a reputable and popular source of information.

How to add a Facebook reviews widget to your website easily

With Elfsight, you can add Facebook Recommendations to your website without creating code or hiring a developer. 

  1. Create an account with Elfsight using your email address,
  2. Find the Facebook reviews widget,
  3. Use the template to create your widget or use the editor to customize your widget to match the look and feel of your website,
  4. Click “Add to website” to generate the code needed for your WordPress site,
  5. Copy the unique code and add it to your admin panel under the pages you want the widget to be visible,
  6. Test the widget and make any changes that you want,
  7. Save the changes and enjoy seeing the Facebook Reviews on your website!

What is a Facebook review widget?

A Facebook review widget is a piece of code or a plugin that is added to your website, to allow customers to view reviews on your website. The Elfsight widget also lets customers leave a review of your business on Facebook directly from your website, which is automatically added to your Facebook account.

A Facebook reviews widget typically includes the business’s name, rating, and a selection of reviews from customers. It can be added to various pages on the website, such as the homepage, product pages, or a dedicated “reviews” page. It is a way to showcase reviews in a visually appealing format, and it can also be used to filter reviews by specific criteria, such as star ratings or dates.

Why use Elfsight’s widget? 

A user-friendly approach to (avoid) coding 

Elfsight is easy to use and doesn’t require any technical knowledge or programming skills so that you can add helpful widgets to your website.

Customizable and designed for your designs

Elfsight widgets are fully customizable so that you can adapt the widget you want to add to your website so that it aligns with the look and feel of your brand.

Dedicated support team

If you get stuck with your widget at any time, Elfsight has both detailed step-by-step guides and a dedicated customer support team so that you can easily add and customize your widget without any complicated technicalities getting in the way.

Updates for you and your widgets

Elfsight widgets are regularly updated with new features and improvements. This means any widgets on your website will stay up to date and perform well automatically.

Reviews on your website is a great way to enhance the marketing and SEO of your brand without needing any extra budget or coding skills. Using a widget is the easiest way to add reviews to your website and using a dedicated platform like Elfsight means you can add up-to-date, user-friendly attractive reviews on your website in just a few minutes from sign-up.