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Photogenic Content: Image Collage Pages

The Collage Page Template provides an alternative way of presenting a specific category of albums, or all of your albums using a full-width image grid. Unlike the Albums Page Template, the Collage shows only the featured image for each album, rather than thumbnail previews of each album’s content. When you hover over each image, the album name and a link to view the album appears. Collage pages may be set to specific categories to allow for some variety when building you main navigation.

  1. Go to PagesAdd New
  2. Give the page a Title
  3. Add some text to the post editor if you wish. This excerpt is displayed under the title in the header if enabled in Theme Options
  4. Under the Page Options panel below the post editor, select the category to show, or leave All selected to create a main Albums index.
  5. Click the Layout thumbnail corresponding to the number of columns you want the collage to use
  6. Choose the number of images to show on the page.
    • This is primarily used to manage load times and allow you to specify a separate post count for albums vs your blog.
    • If your page is loading slowly and you have this set to Unlimited or a high number, try reducing the count.
  7. Choose how the album post’s thumbnails are ordered on the page. By default, it will use the manual order you gave them.
    • Choose Post Date to order them chronologically
    • Choose Post Title to order them alphabetically
    • Choose Random to randomize on each page load
    • Choose Comment Count to order by popularity (requires use of built-in comment functionality and considers posts with the most comments to be the most popular)
  8. Choose the Sort Order.
    • Ascending is by Most recent (top/left) to Oldest(bottom/right) or 1-10 or A-Z
    • Descending is Oldest first (top/left) or 10 – 1 or Z – A
  9. The remaining page options do not apply to this page template and may be skipped.
  10. Click Set Featured Image if you would like the header of this page to display a specific photo, otherwise it will use the default header/header color.
  11. Select the Album page template from the Template drop down in the Page Attributes box on the right sidebar.
  12. Click Publish