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Adding Posts Using the Video Format

Your theme supports three ways to feature videos:

  • oEmbed
  • Standard Embed
  • Self-Hosted

See How to Add Videos for detail on the difference between these features.

Create a Video Post

  1. Click on PostsAdd New
  2. Enter a Title and your post content
  3. Click the Browse button under the post editor to upload a featured image. The image should be at least 320 pixels wide for best results. This image can be displayed in your widgets and any area where the video thumbnail is too small and to encourage visitors to click-through to view the full video and post.
  4. Enter your oEmbed link into the Video Link field, or optionally add an iframe embed code OR upload your self-hosted videos.
  5. Add some tags and select your category on the right
  6. Important: Select Video in the Post Format box in the right sidebar
  7. Click Publish

The category you create for your video posts should only contain posts using the Video format if you want them to display using the 3-column layout on the category or format archive pages. You may add these posts to more than one category if you want to mix them in with other content or formats.