TinyBlog 2.0 is a revamped upgrade to the original TinyBlog theme that removes dependency on WooTumblog, while adding several enhancements and support for WordPress 3.5+. Due to the size and severity of the update, TinyBlog 2.0 is only available as a complete reinstall. Please review the following guide carefully to understand the changes and actions you must take if you choose to upgrade.

We are not able to offer support for TinyBlog 1.x or WooTumblog, however 2.0+ will continue to work with WooTumblog as long as Woo supports it. This is intended ONLY to allow your old data to work. Please begin using the new theme options instead of WooTumblog options to avoid data compatibility issues in the future.

How to Upgrade

  1. Download the TinyBlog 2.0 theme file from your purchase profile.
  2. Connect to your server via FTP and rename your existing wp-content/themes >tinyblog folder to tinyblog-old
  3. Unzip the full theme 2.0 package (tinyblog_single.zip) to find the new tinyblog folder
  4. Upload the new folder to wp-content/themes

View detailed instructions here

After Updating : What You Need to Do

This update changes how your images are handled, adds theme options and uses post formats instead of Wootumblog. You will need to verify your theme settings and widgets.

  1. Go to PluginsAdd New
  2. Search for “regenerate thumbnails” and Install/Activate the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin
  3. Go to ToolsRegen Thumbnails and click Regenerate Thumbnails. This process may take several minute.
    • Do not navigate away from the page until it is complete. You may continue with these instructions in a new browser tab.
  4. Go to Theme Options and verify your Post Meta options
  5. Go to your AppearanceWidgets page and reconfigure your widgets. In particular you will need to resave the Slider, Twitter and Social Links widgets, if used.

For details on setup of new widget options, view the TinyBlog documentation.

Migrate Your Data

While you can keep WooTumblog installed and continue adding new content using the Waves Options panel, we strongly recommend migrating your post data to the new structure and deactivating WooTumblog once your posts are updated. Not only will this reduce the chance of problems caused by an outdated plugin, it will make it easier for us to support you and your content in the future.

All content should continue to display in your older posts with minor layout differences, and no editing should be required. However, if you wish to migrate all of your data away from WooTumblog, please view the new Theme Documentation for how to create posts using the various post formats and where to find your old data.

If you had created a portfolio with a version of TinyBlog prior to  1.1.4 that was not updated, you will need to set featured images for your portfolio posts.

General Enhancements

  • New Welcome page has quick start tips, link to demo content and theme documentation
  • Widget Coloring for easier setup
  • Popular posts widget updated to support categories
  • Twitter widget supports retweets and replies
  • Social widget has more networks and updated icons
  • Theme Options added for hiding meta and social sharing
  • Custom CSS added to Theme Options for storing customizations in database – please move any styles in custom.css into this field.
  • Image handling now uses WP Thumbnail functions. You may continue to upload images using “Set Featured Image”
  • Removed dependency on WooTumblog plugin – now supports WordPress post formats
  • jPlayer for HTML5 audio
  • Nextpage tags will break content into multiple pages within posts
  • Improved support for localization

General Fixes

  • Updated twitter widget script
  • Added title fallback and opengraph support
  • Featured image no longer appears twice on portfolio slider if uploaded using main image field
  • Updated depreciated functions
  • Improved support for oEmbed
  • Post formats will now use normal WordPress archives layout