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Post Formats

Post formats are a way for WordPress posts to be styled differently but use a single post type. Formats are most commonly associated with Tumblr-type themes and include:

  • aside – Typically styled without a title. Similar to a Facebook note update.
  • gallery – A gallery of images.
  • link – A link
  • image – A single image.
  • quote – A quotation.
  • status – A short status update, similar to a Twitter status update.
  • video – A single video.
  • audio – An audio file.
  • chat – A chat transcript or dialog

Learn more about formats at the WordPress Codex

Video Formats

“format” refers to the various ways a video can be encoded for display on the web. Different browsers have different format requirements. For HTML5 video, a minimum of a H.264 .MP4 file and an OGV file are required for all browsers to display the video. Flash video is an older format being phased out by many browsers and mobile devices, and requires an Adobe extension to play.

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