***This is a full update*** Partial/merged updates are no longer supported and will the updater be replaced with standard WP theme updates in the next version. If you have modified original template files, you must use Git or similar to compare files and update your version accordingly.

This update contains important compatibility for WordPress 4.3 and Woocommerce 2.4

General Enhancements:

  • Added search result output to Search template title
  • Testimonials widget now supports category select
  • Revert to WP standard title hook
  • Added missing HTML5 profile and pingback url to header
  • Added ID to widgetized page slider panel – Important! This may move your widetized page widgets into the Inactive Sidebar for safety during update – simply drag them back to the correct panels.
  • Introduces new Blog widget for homepage

General Fixes

  • Updated all widgets with PHP 5 constructor for WP 4.3 compatibility
  • Typo in Portfolio Tag menu option
  • Cleanup deprecated tags and debug messages
  • Fix for mobile menu in tablet mode

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