General Enhancements:

  • Header social icons have been replaced with iconfonts, which will now apply your header link color to the icon/hover. This allows for easier customization. ***If you have Custom Styling affecting the header social links, such as image replacement it will likely break after this update! We recommend removing your CSS code to assess if you need to reapply it, and if so, you may need to adjust padding or widths.
  • New Feature:  vimeo, tumblr, youtube and instagram added to contact header social network options
  • Color Customizer improvements, including text and link color options for contact header bar
  • New Feature: Added Custom Header cart label, which allows you to change “Shopping Bag” to whatever you want without using localization plugins. You must set your desired label or Save your options once after applying this update!
  • Phone number in contact header now supports click to call for Skype or mobile phones. Make sure your phone number uses the correct number format
  • Sites using WPML will now be able to enter separate values for text field options in Page/Post Meta options (links, video url or embed codes etc)
  • Improved responsive views to support new smart phone screen sizes
  • New Feature: You may now choose between a gallery slider, featured image with thumbnails or just a thumbnail grid for your Product posts. ***The gallery slider option requires the images you add to the product gallery to be attachments of the post, ie uploaded directly to the post!
  • Product Category image size changed for category pages – will now look for 1000px wide or original image with no cropping. We recommend using category images at least 660px wide and 350px tall, which are cropped from center and scaled for your product category widget.

General Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the Testimonial widget post count option
  • Fixed issue with some logos overlapping the mobile menu, causing it to stop working.
  • Qty spinner now hidden in firefox
  • Contact header padding removed when in boxed layout
  • Fixed drop-down orientation (opens flush left except last child to avoid screen cut off)
  • Fixed bulleted lists in slider content
  • Fixed contact sidebar when no sidebar option is selected
  • Fixed coupon button breaking to new line

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