General Enhancements:

  • Updated Setup tab with new Help Documentation and Links
  • Comments are now fully supported in posts with the option to enable Facebook comments instead (applies only to content in Facebook tab)
  • AddThis sharing buttons have been removed to improved Facebook page tab requirements. There is now a built-in Facebook share button. If you want to replace this with a 3rd party share, any plugin should do, or you can paste the widget code from AddThis in the Social Commerce sharing options.
  • Improved styling of cart based on user feedback
  • Thumbnails set in Variations will now appear in single product pages when that variation combo is selected
  • Updated HTML header to current WP HTML5 standard
  • Styling fixes for content scrolling, spinners, comments and variations

General Fixes

  • Removed Press Trends to fix slow loading, deprecated errors and other issues
  • Removed app ID field and App tab button as they are no longer used
  • Archives should now paginate when displaying blog posts
  • Time and Date will now reflect your Settings > General layout options
  • Archives display excerpts by default to deal with limited Page tab heights
  • Removed timthumb
  • Related Products query updated – should resolve any deprecated errors appearing below Reviews column

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