This update adds the new Twitter Timeline widget and improves existing widget functions. As a result your widgets may reset. Visit your widget options and drag widgets back from “Inactive Sidebar”, then reset your Twitter widget settings to add your widget code. See this article for details.


General Enhancements:

  • Improved localization support
  • Added menu fallback
  • Added Custom CSS field to theme options
  • Updated Social Links widget – now supports more networks
  • New Twitter Timeline widget replaces old Obox Twitter Widget
  • Updated media and oEmbed handling

General Fixes

  • Debug error cleanup for WP 3.6
  • Updated depreciated functions
  • Fixed stylesheet loading
  • Fixed Sidebar widget wrappers
  • Fixed id from appearing as default in footer about us section
  • Sidebar Gallery widget should now fall into two columns of thumbnails as intended
  • fixed post meta so category appears if author is turned off

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