The Solution

Twitter retired v1 of their API, which will render older versions of the Obox Twitter widget inoperable. If you have a retired Obox theme, you will need to search the plugin repository for a newer updated Twitter widget. For current Obox themes still in development, please ensure your theme is up to date. To check if your theme has received the Twitter update, click on Updates above.

If you have  a theme using the new Twitter Timeline, continue:

  1. The most common cause of Twitter widgets not displaying tweets is a timeout on Twitter’s end. When this happens, your widget will be blank since we are suppressing errors. The tweets should eventually begin feeding in again shortly if this is the problem. Please also ensure your browser cache is cleared.
  2. Ensure your Twitter widget settings are completely filled out.
    • The username should be your username without the @
    • You must grab a widget ID from your twitter profile, and not use the ID in the widget instructions. This ID is located in the URL in your browser’s address bar when you complete widget setup.  Widgets without a widget ID set will display our twitter feed if a connection is not made quickly enough using your username.twitter_settings
    • twitter
  3. Ensure your profile is not private. Private tweets and profiles will not appear in feeds.