After the legacy Twitter API has been retired we’ve switched to using the 3rd party Twitter feed widgets, and chosen Elfsight as the best one.

See the Elfsight Twitter Widget in Action

Here’s what makes the widget work well

  1. It’s free for smaller sites.
  2. You can display Tweets selected by hashtag.
  3. You can show your own feed on the widget.
  4. The widget is totally responsive.

Signup to Elfsight

The Solution

Once you have signed up to Elfsight, follow these steps to get going:

  1. Click Add New App
  2. Browse the app list and choose Twitter Feed
  3. Go to the Content tab of the widget’s settings and click Connect to Twitter to sign in with your account
  4. Choose your source, either Profile, Hashtag or Testimonials
  5. Choose your Language
  6. Give your feed a Title
  7. Click Publish
  8. Get the embed code or instructions for your desired platform

Signup to Elfsight

If your feed isn’t working read this post.