This is a major update which adds increased compatibility with WordPress 3.5 and updates oEmbed. If you have a modified theme, this update will likely overwrite your mods!

If you use oEmbed links in your video posts, you may need to edit the post and click Update to refresh your oEmbed thumbnails.

General Enhancements:

  • oEmbed has been updated to help suppress timeout errors, and will also support share urls
  • Updated 404 page template.
  • Reduced the number of image crops the theme makes
  • Grabbing smaller oembed video thumb for archive template to improve performance
  • Updated SEO functions – now properly sets meta when enabled with updated falllbacks.
  • More elements now covered by customizer
  • Improved localization support
  • Timthumb removed (If you are updating from an old version of Motion Picture that only has Obox Main Images, you will need to set WordPress featured images on all posts!)
  • Added video filter function to set transparency (helps issues of menus clipping behind Flash video)

General Fixes

  • Archives page count has been removed
  • Fixed iframe height when videos are embedded in post body.
  • Fixed load order of scripts/stylesheets to fix customizer styles not taking effect for some elements
  • Twitter widget now supports showing 3 posts
  • Debug error cleanup
  • Updated depreciated functions

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