Webflow has added a feature called memberships which enables you to create secure user  driven experiences without code. It allows you to customize and create payment plans for your website in order to monetize content. 

Memberships are in beta, so be sure to apply to join the waiting list before you can access the feature!

The Solution

Below is a step by step guide to show you how to get started with webflow memberships:

  • Sign up to webflow  for free with either your email address. Follow all the basic prompts and then head over to memberships.
  • Select the Users option on the left hand side of your screen.This will give you a menu prompt requesting you to enable user access if you click the “Let’s do this” button. A user database is automatically created from that single click. 
  • Once you create a user database on the site , you can manage those users from the webflow designer.You can customize transactional emails and even fully design all the pages associated with users to match your brand.
  • Click the access group button just below Users. This will enable you to manage  your users (or members) access to exclusive content on your website. There is a grant access option that allows you to set  when users can view regular content  and a Restricted content section that allows you to set rules for your exclusive content. These settings can be changed or deleted at any time.
  •  Head over to access settings and change the group type to Paid access. This will in turn allow you to create a membership product directly in webflow. After a membership product is created – a new menu will pop up which will enable you to set parameters such as the billing method. You can also select different tiers to membership plans for your access groups such as premium, gold, silver and bronze.