After setting up your app and publishing your tab, it just displays a blank white page

The Solution


  1. Make sure you are on the latest version of Social Commerce.
    • To update, download the latest version from the website under  DashboardMy Plugins in the main menu, and reinstall it.
  2. Go to Social Commerce in your WordPress admin menu and ensure no SSL errors appear in Step 2 and re-add your page tab.
  3. Make sure WooCommerce is updated
  4. Verify your WooCommerce Settings
  5. If issues persist, troubleshoot your theme and plugins


This issue is common with the U-Design Theme and their WooCommerce Integration plugin, and may occur in other themes that attempt to enable WooCommerce support with a plugin instead of a child theme. If you deactivate the plugin, your shop will appear normally. If you switch to a different theme, it will begin to work properly.

Please contact the theme author to request they look into resolving the conflict or change how they are attempting to integrate WooCommerce.