When attempting to advance the slider, nothing happens. Auto-slide also does not work.

The Solution

In most cases this is caused by having Settings > Reading set to display a Static homepage, even if you have a Home page setup using the widgetized page template.  The correct setting is Latest Posts, then go to Theme Options > Site Layout and set the layout to Widget Driven. This will now allow the widgets you setup in the Slider panel under the Appearance / Widgets page to work.

If you are having this issue on widgetized page templates on internal pages, ensure your theme is updated to 1.2.9 or later.

If the slider is still not working and the homepage/widgets are setup properly, check for javascript conflicts:

1. Deactivate all plugins other than WooCommerce

2. Empty your page cache

3. Reload the homepage

If this solves it, a plugin is conflicting with the slider scripts. Activate the plugins one by one and reload your homepage until you figure out which plugin breaks it (you will need to find a replacement for that plugin, or notify the plugin author to properly enqueue the plugin’s scripts)


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