This update adds two new options:

1. Default site graphic for Facebook sharing is set in Theme Options

2. Widgetized pages can be set to display the slider or the page title banner in the page options panel.

General Enhancements:

  • Added boxed layout page background color to Customizer
  • Updated Facebook OpenGraph – you may now choose to disable it in Theme Options if using a plugin, and set a default site image for pages with no image such as video posts
  • Updated oEmbed
  • Social widget now lists most popular networks first, followed by alphabetical in widget options
  • Added soundcloud and flickr to social widget
  • Added option to Widgetized Page options to show either the Slider or the page Title banner.

General Fixes

  • Backend debugging
  • Slider background image will now scale using the cover property (by height) in mobile view.
  • Next/Prev post links restored to post meta
  • Slider now works on widgetized pages
  • Team portraits will no longer link anywhere from the Content widget
  • Widgetized pages now use correct structure
  • Fixed title/breadcrumbs missing on blog home page layout
  • retroactive fix for twitter widget for installs still having issues getting tweets to appear

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