In some themes, any page link in your nav that points to a custom page template such as Portfolio or Services may not highlight with an Active link color or may be stuck in the active state if you navigate to a different special page.

This is a bug in WordPress affecting custom page and post types and the nav menu.

The Solution

To work around this, you may give the menu item a custom class in Appearance → Menus.

  1. Click Screen Options in the upper-right of the Menus page and ensure CSS Classes box is checked.
    enable css class in menu
  2. Expand the menu item that is misbehaving and enter a custom class name in the CSS Classes field.
    custom menu class
  3. In the Custom CSS, add your style like this:
    .my-active-link  a .class:active { color: #f00; background: #000000; font-weight: bold; }
  4. Replace the properties/values with your desired styles.