After setting up widgets or updating your theme, you may load your blog or shop page to find your sidebar missing or widgets appearing “broken” or below your post container.  This is most often caused by a missing container tag in the widget’s markup, most often due to a title not being entered in the widget options.

The Solution

  1. Go to AppearanceWidgets and verify your widgets are in the correct panels
  2. Expand each widget and enter a Title if the option exists. If you do not want a title to appear, enter a few spaces, or hide the title with CSS using the display: none property.
  3. If the widget does not have a title field, you may need to experiment with the position of the widget or place it in the last position. This is common with Search widgets and 3rd Party widgets that pull in iframes such as Facebook. The easiest way to tell is to remove all widgets and start only with Obox or default widgets, reload the page, then continue adding others until the layout breaks and you can determine which one is a problem.

Please report any Obox (purple) widgets that cause this issue where entering a Title does not fix it using our Support Forums.