The Solution

Find out how to get the most out of your site’s images with a really quick trick. One of the biggest drains on a good Google Pagespeed score is how you serve images. By default WordPress serves your images from your own server, which believe it or not is not efficient at all, and I’ll explain why below.

Your server is a busy bee, it’s busy rendering your website with PHP getting data from your database and even delivering your static files like CSS and Javascript. Add images into this and what you end up with is the same as going to a NASCAR race in a 1999 Honda Civic.

So what you need to do is get your images onto a service that’s built for doing just that: only serving images.

Optimizing Images With Jetpack

If you’re going to run the highest image quality possible on your site, you likely want to make sure that you use a service which serves your images as fast as possible. This is where the Jetpack Photon service comes in.

Photon will really improve your site’s Google Sitespeed score, which has a huge affect on your SEO and all you need to do is install Jetpack and enable the Photon module.

Get Jetpack Here

Once you enable Photon, everything else is automatic, your images will be delivered at lightning speed in the perfect size by Automattic’s powerful image servers.

And that’s all, now you just need to sit back and enjoy an improved Pagespeed score.