Our themes are built to work best in the latest desktop and mobile browsers, meaning older browsers might display differently styled, and only partially functional, renderings of certain components.

Unfortunately, some CSS3 properties and HTML5 elements are not fully supported by IE 9 or earlier. In addition, Internet Explorer 8 requires the use of special javascripts to render HTML5 or responsive views properly and will not be able to deal with things like parallax scrolling or ajax navigation found in the services and feature posts.

Specifically, we support the latest versions of the following browsers and platforms:


Unofficially, our themes should look and behave well enough in  Internet Explorer 9, though it is not officially supported. We recommend updating your browser to IE 10 or 11 if at all possible, or using a webkit browser such as Firefox.


The Solution

It is possible to help these browser versions cope with newer themes by creating a child theme than implements helper scripts such as respond.js, modernizr.js and so on, if your site is aimed at serving a larger percentage of older IE browser users. Turning on compatibility mode may also allow some elements to begin working.

If using a theme such as Dynamo, Capital. Store, Retail Therapy etc which has parallax layouts, we recommend using the Boxed layout instead to offer better layout support to these older browsers. You will also need to avoid using the Services or Features layouts in these themes, and turn off the Header cart, all of which use Ajax which is a scripting element not supported in older browsers.

See also WooCommerce documentation on IE issues