There is currently no documentation or updates for the “Fortune” theme, as it has been refactored and replaced with “Capital”

The Solution

Shortly after release of “Fortune,” our marketplace, Themeforest, asked us to rename Fortune to resolve a conflict with other products. This required us to re-release the theme as Capital. An email notification was sent to all Fortune buyers to alert them of this change and to direct them to install Capital.

If you are a Themeforest customer, your theme purchase should already reflect Capital and allow you access to future Capital updates.

If you purchased Fortune directly from Obox, please do the following to update to the current version:

  1. Click on Main Site in the upper-right menu on this page to access your Dashboard
  2. Click on Themes in the left menu
  3. Capital should be visible there. If not, please open a support request to have it added.
  4. In WordPress, go to Theme Options and copy any custom CSS you may have under Custom Styling
  5. Download Capital and install it in WordPress, then activate it
  6. Visit Theme Options > General to paste your Custom CSS back into the Custom Styling area, and to verify your options as several things have changed or been added since release of Fortune
  7. Visit Appearance > Widgets and drag your existing widgets from the Inactive Widget Area at bottom-left back into their appropriate positions if needed. Expand each widget to ensure all filters are selected and the settings are as you want them. Please take note of the new widgets in the theme such as the Page Widget and Features widget.
  8. Go to Appearance > Customize and verify your settings. Capital has several color options Fortune did not, so we recommend going through all color options and then resaving/reloading to access further customization.

For detailed setup guides, including an overview of the Capital Theme Options, visit the Capital Documentation suite under our Documentation area.


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