This error is expecting a file to be there that is not. The most common cause is a previous update containing the needed file was not completed. There are a few reasons why an update does not complete:

  • The update was skipped
  • You are on a very old version and clicked the “Download All Updates” button, which no longer works
  • The transfer timed out, failed or was blocked by your host
  • The file is too large for your host allowance or WP memory settings
  • Files were locked on the server and could not be overwritten (most common on windows servers)
  • The file is missing on our end (you should get an Update Failed error when this is the case)

If you continue to experience issues with the Theme updater, we recommend doing full reinstalls (which is the standard practice for WP themes).

The Solution

The fastest and safest way to fix a theme that has any error like this is to reinstall it with a fresh downloaded copy of the newest version. This will not affect any content or settings.

  1. Connect to your site via FTP
  2. Go to wp-content/themes/yourthemename and download a copy of the custom.css if you were using it to customize theme styles.
  3. Unzip the new theme package and upload the new presstwo folder to wp-content/themes to overwrite your existing folder.
  4. Upload the custom.css back into the presstwo folder to overwrite the default one.
    • If your theme has a Custom CSS area in Theme Options, move your custom css into that field instead of using the css file
  5. Login to WordPress and visit your widget page and theme options to review the settings as some things may have changed since your last version. Visit our Updates tab for details on what each update contains.

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