The following error occurs on activation of Waves, Casual or TinyBlog when the homepage is loaded.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function woo_tumblog_the_title() in F:serverhtdocsoboxdevwp-contentthemeswavesfunctionsfetch-list.php on line 101

The Solution

This error indicates that Wootumblog is not installed. This plugin is required by your theme. View your Theme Documentation for full setup instructions.

Install the WooTumblog plugin

Your theme takes advantage of the Tumblog functionality provided by WooTumblog, a free plugin you can download directly here, or install from the WordPress admin panel:

  1. Go to PluginsAdd New
  2. Search for WooTumblog
  3. Click Install under the WooTumblog entry and confirm
  4. Click Activate when finished.

WooTumblog adds several post formats to your Post Editor that allow your posts to display in your blog list using special layouts, similar to Tumblr or similar sites. It also adds a special options panel below the post editor where you can add your featured images, videos or other data.  The Abbreviate/ OCMX options panel is only used if creating Standard posts.  More about how to create posts using these post types is explained later.

Configure WooTumblog

  1. Go to Posts → Tumblog Options
  2. Select Post Formats for Tumblog Content Method
  3. Enter 500 in Tumblog Image Width and Tumblog Video Widget
  4.  Click Save