General Enhancements:

  • WooCommerce store notice now floats along the bottom of the page while scrolling for better display.
  • Updated API URL calls to use a generic prefix for better support of SSL
  • Added side-by-side and three column sections to widgetized page template

General Fixes

  • Widgetized pages will now show widgets in the Side-by-side and three-column panels without requiring a slider
  • Slider will once again slide on the widgetized page template. Note that it still may only be used once!
  • Removed depreciated code
  • Fixes an issue on some installs where page content was blank due to the sidebar failing to load
  • Choosing None in the Content Widget image option will now really hide the image for post types previously ignoring this option
  • Includes some fixes previously available in the last version due to some installs not taking the update (editor button, HTML5 header)

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