This update replaces some older tech with newer functionality.

Please reset all dual and four column widgets after running this update to use the new Content widget.

General Enhancements:

  • Social Widget now has support for more networks including Instagram, Kickstarter and  Picasa
  • oEmbed improved – note that oembed errors will no longer appear unless WP_DEBUG is on. If videos are not appearing, see this post.
  • Removed coloring from depreciated widgets
  • Dual and Four Column widgets have been replaced by the new Content Widget, which supports 2, 3 and 4column options with sort
  • Added sorting to slider widget
  • Comments replaced with WP Comments. Your existing comments are not affected.

General Fixes

  • Default color stylesheet should now load on activation
  • Archives will now show the same number of posts as set in Settings > Reading (this was to correct the page count issue in WordPress)
  • Header spacing fixed and stylesheets moved to enqueues
  • Sidebar markup fixed to help widgets that do not use before_widget from breaking the sidebar
  • Quote widget is now wrapped in an li

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