You may now change the “Menu” label in Theme Options if using the compact menu button. For no label, leave the field blank.

  • Posts will now expand 100% of the content area if the author block is disabled
  • Features titles and padding in mobile mode adjusted for a better look in mobile mode

General Fixes

  • Added missing redirects for single post types that should not be visible/reachable. Note that this may affect your ability to Preview these posts. This is normal Refresh your homepage to view the content within the widget instead so you can preview the content in the right context/styling.
  • Link to Header under Appearance menu removed
  • Turning off social sharing in the Page Meta section should now work as intended
  • Team portraits should retain their circular shape in mobile view. Please note you need to upload square images for an evenly spaced circle!

At this time, team member social links are not available on mobile devices as they require a “hover” o be visible. When we have landed on an elegant solution for this feature in mobile view, it will be implemented.

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