This update begins prep for WordPress 3.6 and further refines framework functionality

General Enhancements:

  • Increased maximum post count to 24 in content widget
  • Content widget now allows 1-6 columns.
  • Removed breadcrumbs from main shop page
  • Testimonial widget will now grab your standard wordpress thumbnail to ensure a square image, sizes are set under Settings > Media (the default 150×150 crop is best)
  • Added helper text to testimonial image field with suggested image dimensions
  • Updated recommended widget layout in Appearance > Widgets “Click Here” to match the current demo setup
  • Removed slider BG color – it will now inherit the content container background color you have set in the Customizer.
  • Added the background-size property to the slider background images when viewed in mobile mode – this helps the image respond but ensures it always fills the slider
  • Shop pages now support displaying sub-categories. You must have WooCommerce set to “show both” or your pagination will be incorrect (can’t count categories, only posts)
  • Theme-specific function variables have been updated to use the $obox_ prefix

General Fixes

  • Fixed missing widget padding in preset layout
  • Content widgets with excerpts disabled will no longer have a large gap where the text should be
  • Divider will no longer appear in post meta if the author is unchecked in Theme Options

Update Your Theme or Download Update (You must have Dynamo 1.3.0 prior to installing the 1.3.1 hotfix file.)