This update fixes a few bugs and improves existing features. Your custom logo may be reset after this update. Simply reset/remove it under Theme Options > General.

To Update:

  1. Download the 1.2.0 update file from the link below and unzip the contents into a temp folder
  2. Connect to your site via FTP and upload the contents of your temp folder to wp-content/themes/dynamo/
  3. See the Update Your Theme link for details

OR Reinstall

  1. Download a fresh copy of Dynamo from your purchase profile
  2. Ensure all custom css is in the Theme Options, or else backup your custom.css file
  3. Make notes of all other modifications you have made to the theme files, if any
  4. Unzip the and upload the new dynamo folder to wp-content/themes to overwrite the existing

Attention modders! Do not restore any modifications other than the custom.css. You will need to review the new theme file versions and re-do your mods to avoid conflicts. See this article on modding using CSS, custom templates or child themes for a way to avoid this in the future.

General Enhancements:

  • Adds updater capability so you can install fuure updates from within WordPress
  • “Features” post type added. This works much like Services.
  • Slider background now fades while scrolling
  • Slider now accommodates self-hosted video backgrounds
  • More Customizer options added
  • Parallax improved for backgrounds
  • Improved resizing of portfolio images while you scroll
  • Added a page intro text block to Team, Services, Testimonials and Partners
  • Added option to show or hide excerpt in page title block to Theme Options
  • Added option to show social links and contact info in header
  • Refined style of Services page layout
  • Responsive styling improved all around

General Fixes

  • Footer padding adjusted
  • Chrome fixes for WooCommerce fields/buttons
  • Testimonials no longer jump the page when scrolling
  • Missing advert widgets have been found
  • Add New block button available in Advert section
  • Videos in slider will now adapt to mobile screens

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