When setting up a widget such as the Hero Widget, some categories selected will not display content if your site content or WordPress install is in a non-English language and no content translation plugin is being used. This is found to be caused by special characters in the Category title, which cannot carry over to the slug.  Special Characters are any “diascritic” character that requires a special ISO code in HTML to render, such as  í ç ö ć ń etc. For more information, see

The Solution

Option 1: Remove the special characters:

  1. Access your post type’s categories. For example, Products → Categories
  2. Edit any categories with special characters in the name.

Option 2: Install a translation plugin:

If removing the characters is not possible in your language due to missing replacements, or you prefer to use a safer language replacement tool, you can install a translation plugin to  load supporting language files for installs in a different language.

If you have WordPress installed in English, but your content is in another language, this is required for proper translation of permalinks and other entities outside of your content.

How to Translate an Obox Theme