The Solution

By default the expanded menu is designed to only support top-level links with no dropdowns to minimize overlap of the content and to ensure the header/navigation integrity on scroll. The compact menu, in comparison, supports up to 3 levels of links and is better used for in-depth content navigation.

In cases where you want to add drop-downs to the expanded menu,We have added CSS support for dropdowns in the following CSS file. Keep in mind the header is sticky, so your drop-downs should be kep as short as possible.

To update:

  1. Ensure The Writer is at version 1.2.4 before proceeding.
  2. Go to Appearance > Editor, copy the contents of the above link and then replace your stylesheet contents with it. This will update your theme version to 1.2.5 (there are no other files needed for that update)
  3. Subscribe to the theme update RSS feed to be notified of future updates: