The checkout page shows the address and summary, but no payment option (typically just a “Place Order” button)

This is usually due to your theme modifying the WooCommerce checkout options. Any option that sends checkout to a new window will not be allowed by Facebook’s iframe.

The Solution

  1. Make sure you are on the latest version of Social Commerce
  2. Go to Social Commerce in your WordPress admin menu and ensure all checks are green OR if the tab is added already, remove and re-add it.

Verify your payment options are setup

  1. Go to WooCommerceSettings and click the Payment Gateways tab
  2. Ensure one payment option is selected as the default
  3. Click the link across the top for the payment options you want to enable/configure and ensure they are enabled

Check your Theme Options

If you are using a WooTheme such as Bazaar, you may have options that change how the checkout works which are not compatible with Facebook.

  1. Go to the theme options and check for a shop tab or any shop-related options
  2. Look for a setting such as multi-step checkout and disable it. This option will keep payment options from appearing on the main checkout.