If you have installed an Obox Theme on a WordPress install that uses a right-to-left language such as Arabic or Hebrew, the orientation of your data will change from right to left as well. In the case of the sliders, this means your data is arranged in the opposite direction that the slider is sliding, resulting in empty slides.

The Solution

To resolve the issue, you will need to reset the float on the slides and change the slider scripting to slide right instead of left.  In most cases this is as simple as changing all instances of “left” in the slider’s script to “right”. Because all of our themes have slightly different styling and scripting, it is not possible to provide exact instructions here for all themes. The following example is for Gigawatt. Please post a message in your theme’s support forum for guided assistance with making this change to a theme other than Gigawatt.

Under Theme Options, add the following to the Custom CSS:

.gallery-container li{float: right !important;}

In the theme’s scripts folder, edit gigawatt_jquery.js and replace all instances of “left” with “right.” Save and upload the changed file to wp-content/themes/gigawatt/scripts/

You will need to repeat this scripting edit in the future if a theme update makes critical changes to this file.