The Solution

This is usually due to the widget settings not being completely configured.


  1. Go to Appearance  → Widgets and expand the Slider widget on the right
  2. Select a post type in the Display menu and click Save to load the next filter
  3. Select the filter type and click Save.
  4. Select the tag or category etc and click Save.
  5. Confirm the remaining settings and click Save again.

If you are only displaying one post, or are displaying Videos instead of thumbnails, ensure Auto Slide Interval is set to 0

For detailed instructions on configuring your widgets, see Gigawatt: Setup Your Widgets

Other Causes

The slider may also collapse if you are choosing to display a category containing a post with no image or video, or you have your Thumbnail option set to display Videos but a post in the loop is missing a featured video. Ensure all posts have appropriate content for the settings you choose.