The Solution

Each portfolio post is designed to display the featured image or video on the left, and the content and custom link on the right. If you wish to showcase additional images, you may use the standard WordPress Gallery:

  1. Place your cursor at the end of your content, then click on Add Media and upload your additional images
  2. Click Create Gallery on the left menu
  3. If you uploaded images, they should be visible on the right. Otherwise, select Images Uploaded to this Post.Click the images to use in the gallery and a checkmark icon will appear.
    • Alternatively, you may select images from your existing Media Library.
  4. Click Create a New Gallery
  5. On the right side, select Media File from the Link To menu, then select the number of columns. You may also drag and drop the images into a specific order if you wish.
  6. Click Insert Gallery

By default, images will open in a new tab. If you would like your gallery images to open in a lightbox, you will need to install a lightbox plugin. We recommend Responsive Lightbox, set to use PrettyPhoto.